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Congratulations 2014 Award Winners

Award2015EMSAR Corporate is proud to mention the following Technician and Service Center award winners for 2014 which were announced at the awards banquet in Cincinnati on April 23, 2015.

2014 Rising Star- Bryan Bailey (EMSAR Columbus)
2014 Healthcare Technician - Jim Kingery (EMSAR Columbus)
2014 EMS Technician - Mike Thompson (EMSAR New Jersey)
2014 Neptune Technician - Michael Harris (EMSAR Mid Atlantic)
2014 Overall Technician - Sean Archer (EMSAR Texas)

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees
Richard Stuelke (EMSAR NC/VA)
Keith Weiss (EMSAR Florida)
John Huff (EMSAR Corporate)
2014 Cornerstone - Andrea Rodriguez (EMSAR NY/CT)
2014 MVP (Most Versatile Player) - Shawn Rogers (NY/CT)
2014 FPY (First Pass Yield) - Mike Forkner (EMSAR Cascades)
2014 Trailblazers - Shane Manor and Pat McAllister (ERLA)
2014 Pathfinder - Matt Moore (EMSAR Intermountain)

2014 Franchise of the Year
EMSAR Columbus