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EMSAR and Flotec Announcement

Renee LaPine, President of EMSAR, Inc. is proud to announce an agreement with Flotec, Inc. of Indianapolis, IN for repair and service of Flotec Regulators, Flowmeters and Pressure Reducers

EMSAR Inc. technicians, experts in medical repair and service throughout America have passed an extensive training program, and are prepared to handle service for Flotec.

INDIANAPOLIS, Jun 25, 2012 - Flotec, Inc recognizes EMSAR as a leader in repair. Their technicians have been trained by Medical manufacturers to insure products are repaired properly the first time! • They carry Flotec replacement parts and their program will help Flotec Customers avoid inconvenient equipment down time. • EMSAR will provide an equipment report which will include a complete documented history of the repair. • IRegulatorn addition to Flotec Products, they service Patient Handling Equipment, Physical Therapy Equipment, Advanced Biomedical equipment and more! For more information, visit

EMSAR currently has two repair locations, with plans for more. Service is currently available throughout the United States. EMSAR has successfully established itself as a Strategic Service Partner in the health care industry.

As in the past, for Flotec repairs, contact Flotec customer service at 317.273.6960 or 800.401.1723. Flotec will issue an ARC (Authorized Repair Center) number, and will provide shipping instructions. Flotec will communicate this information to the EMSAR call center in Wilmington, OH.

Flotec has established itself as a leader in creating high quality and innovative medical gas regulators, pressure reducers and flowmeters for Hospitals, Homecare and EMS markets. At Flotec, we are excited about this partnership and the enhanced service that EMSAR will be offering to our customers.

Brian Davidson
Flotec, Inc
317 273 6960