Dental Equipment Service & Repair

The EMSAR Dental Depot currently offers service & repair for the following equipment:

Statim 900, 2000, 5000 autoclaves
Factory authorized after warranty repair center for all problems. Contact your service center for local service options

DentalDental Endodontic Repair*
Complete factory authorized repair and service

  • ATR Tecnika System
  • ATR Vision System
  • NSK XSmart Endo System
  • ATR 3000/5000 Implant System
  • Lifecore Implant System

Low Speed Contra Angles*
Factory authorized Service & Repair

  • W&H - TUL-1, TUL-8M, TUL-16MT
  • ATR - ATR-20s
  • NSK - F-16R

Apex Locator*
Complete Service, Repair, & Parts

  • Propex Apex Locator

Unitron Obturator Ovens Repair* 
Factory authorized service & repair for 1st & 2nd Generation Ovens

  • GT Obturator
  • Thermaprep Plus
  • Protaper
  • GTX Series
  • Guttacore

Factory Authorized Service & Repair

  • MOV Mobile Transporter Battery packs. - Complete testing & rebuilding of battery packs
  • Replacement battery packs

EMSAR Depot is also your source for the following genuine OEM factory replacement parts.

Dental -02Micromotors & Foot pedals

  • ATR Tecnika System
  • ATR Vision System
  • ATR 300/5000 System
  • LifeCore System


  • Holder & Springs


  • MOV Battery Packs
  • MOV Battery Charger


  • Statim 900, Statim 2000, Statim 5000

*Services are performed at EMSAR's Ohio depot.  Field service is not avialable.

EMSAR Standard Service

EMSAR Standard service includes cleaning, replacement bearings, "O" rings, lubrication, and testing. An estimate will be provided for broken chucks or other additional parts or service required.

Local Service 800-733-6727