Healthcare & Life Sciences Cold Storage Product Services

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EMSAR offers convenient and efficient field service support for your cold storage chambers throughout the U.S. that conform to GMP, GLP, and ISO 9001 quality and documentation requirements.

We are particularly committed to providing these services in the current moment, as COVID-19 vaccines require low temperature chambers for transfer and storage. At EMSAR, we are highly trained in servicing this type of equipment, and we give our healthcare & life sciences partners peace of mind that their mission-critical equipment will run as intended.


Your Trusted Partners in Cold Storage Product Services

  • Ability to service a diverse array of OEM’s and equipment. Some of the brands we service:
    • American Biotech Supply
    • Horizon Scientific
    • New Brunswick
    • Norlake
    • Panasonic
    • Stirling
    • Sanyo
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific
    • VWR
  • Highly-trained technicians that provide excellent multi-vendor services
  • Capacity to do all qualifications
Equipment We Service:

The Equipment You Depend on Depends on EMSAR.

  • Standard Refrigerators
  • General-Purpose Freezers
  • -20°C Freezers
  • -86°C Ultra Cold Freezers
  • Explosion-Proof and Flammable Material Storage Refrigerators and Freezers

Request a quote below or continue for additional service offerings:

    Additional Service Offerings:
    • Calibration: Performed at a single equilibrated set point using NIST traceable standards. The chamber set point is tuned as necessary and retested. Upon completion, a calibration form will be provided with “as found” and “as left” measurements obtained during the calibration process.
    • Preventative Maintenance & Calibration: Service that includes cleaning of seals, fans, and gaskets as well as an inspection of the chamber operation and utilities. The chamber is inspected for interior and exterior physical damage, electrical connections, and operation of temperature monitoring indicators. After preventive maintenance, our service technicians will calibrate the chamber as described in the Calibration section above.
    • Validation (IQ/OQ): Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification service includes a standardized protocol procedure, calibration, tuning, IQ and OQ (perform empty chamber temperature mapping for 24 hours at a maximum of 12 points, open door and power loss temperature profile challenge testing).Note: IQ (Installation Qualification) does not include installation. Each device is required to be powered up and equilibrated at the temperature set point for a minimum of 24 hours.
    • Validation (IQ/OQ/PQ): Installation Qualification, Operation Qualification, and Performance Qualification. IQ/OQ will be performed as described in the Validation section above. The PQ consists of loaded chamber temperature mapping for an additional 24 hours at a maximum of 12 points.
    • Optional Services:
      • Installation: Our technicians will install the unit for you according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
      • Customized Protocol Development: We will modify the standard protocol based on your specific requirements. Modified protocols must be written, reviewed, and approved prior to execution.
      • PQ Only: Our technicians will execute the performance qualification with loaded chamber mapping for 24 hours.

    Depend On Us.

    Contact Info

    Ohio Headquarters:
    270 Davids Drive
    Wilmington, OH 45177
    Phone: 800-733-6727


    Austin Headquarters:
    PO Box 202887
    Austin, TX 78720
    Phone: 877-228-6533